Batf Industry

Batf is currently one of China's largest emulsion manufacturers and sellers, focusing its business on two categories: aqueous emulsion and aqueous adhesive.


General Manager's Message

Hello, respected friends and people who support the development of China’s emulsion and coating industry!
Since its founding, Batf has received great support from all circles and is growing and expanding fast in the industry. It is China’s largest building emulsion manufacturer and seller. Here please allow me to say: “Thank you!” to all of you.
Over a decade of hard work continues to witness the history of Batf. We make a breakthrough in technological development of aqueous emulsion and aqueous adhesive in building, textile, metal, furniture, highway and bridge sectors and establish the R&D bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, USA and Japan. We occupy a leading position in R&D of the domestic industry. Our sales network covers medium and large cities across China. We have more than 5,000 partners in China and are developing overseas market gradually. Batf boasts Shunde Batf Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Batf Industry Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Batf Industry Co., Ltd. and covers an area of approximately 1,000mu. Our team management is developing towards systematization, standardization and internationalization and transforming from “people managed by leaders and things managed by procedures” to corporate culture management
With our indomitable spirit and the great support from all circles, Batf people take a broad and long-term view and make overall plans to go professional, precise and global step by step. We implement the development model of one headquarters and three bases in a bold and resolute way, make efforts to build Batf into the largest aqueous emulsion production base in China and Asia and strive to achieve our goal of creating a century-old brand for aqueous building emulsion, aqueous adhesive and printing emulsion. We work hard for our employees, community, partners, nation and human development based on the corporate mission “Create a Better Life for People” and on the social responsibility policy of “Green Business”.
Batf’s past benefited from the support of all circles. Its present and future need more support from all of you. I hope that our friends can work together with the colleagues who support China’s emulsion and coating industry to create brilliant futures.
Thank you!
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