Representative Products

Successfully develop the representative products in building coating, textile, adhesive, industrial corrosion resistance, leather, polyurethane and printing ink.


Thanks to years of research on emulsion polymerization, we have successfully developed new products in many fields, such as building coating, textile, adhesive, industrial corrosion resistance, leather, polyurethane and printing ink and boast representative products. We have formed good long-term partnerships with many clients based on our active attitude to technical services. Our research and development activities aim to integrate beautiful life ideas and market trends into our products through our innovation and breakthrough, develop market as well as deliver new value to our clients and share success together.

Building EmulsionMore>>

We have years of experience in emulsion polymerization for building coatings. Our products cover low-, medium- and high-end acrylic, styrene acrylate, silicone acrylate, vinyl acetate and vac-veova. We can provide our clients in different fields with prof


Batf has independently developed, researched and produced the aqueous adhesives and aqueous coating which are widely used in paper product manufacture and processing over years of research and practice. We sincerely provide our clients with the new, effec

Printing EmulsionMore>>

As a partner in textile printing industry, we offer multiple types of new emulsion polymer, which are used in printing paste, adhesive cement, bronzing paste, flocking adhesive, jean printing paste and glitter paste. Batf provides the eco-friendly, safe a

Wood Lacquer EmulsionMore>>

Our research and development is applied to wood lacquer emulsion based on the clients'needs and positioning. Our products include acrylic primer, finish coat and waterborne polyurethane. We can be your good partner thanks to our high-performance products


We also focus on development and application research of industrial polyurethane products while continuing to explore polymer emulsion. Our objectives are to form a partnership with our clients and to share success together. Our products and services make

Electrophoretic CoatingMore>>

1. Excellent protection 2. Outstanding surface effect and finish coat match 3. Good stability, simple maintenance and easy operation 4. Contain no harmful substance and meet the low-carbon and eco-friendly requirements of ELV-2000,RoSH and REACH regula


We provide our clients with reasonable solutions based on our professional knowledge and technology in combination with high-end emulsion polymer products and adjuvant for coating materials.

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